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  1. RingDNA: Inbound and Outbound voice solution that your sales reps will love.
    Snappa – Easy to use graphics design tool with hundreds of ready made templates to choose from.
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    4400 Self Improvement PLR Articles $9.99
    Hi Jon. Great article. I’m late to the replies on this I think – and I found you because I’m experiencing the same problems right now. I have more than 2000 subscribers on a home DIY site I own and I’m wanting to get some feedback to change direction. I emailed just 10 people to start with, asking if I could ask them for feedback – got no replies. Did another 9 – still no replies! >.< Frustrating as heck!!! But the idea of adding a blog to the other info on the site – yeah, like that! Going to do that straight away! Thank you! http://www.feliznavidad2015.es/2015/11/imagenes-feliz-navidad-2015.html
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    I very much enjoy your webinars, thank you so much. AWESOME JOB DEREK!

  2. Sales & Marketing Tools
    That’s why we love easy-to-use online sales tools that simplify your activities.
    Blogs and media companies have a very different goal than eCommerce for their newsletter strategy.
    Here’s how it works: First, we’ll monitor how your prospects are engaging with your content. You’ll see who has visited your website, opened your emails, forwarded your messages, clicked on links, and read your attachments. Then each of these events is scored and added to the prospect’s overall “interest level.” Once we’ve ranked your prospects from best to worst, you can view them on your “Follow-Up Tasks” list where you can easily manage who you should contact next. A simple follow-up call or LinkedIn message is all it takes to convert them into an opportunity! And because you’ll be hyper-focused on your best leads, you can expect to increase your closing ratio and spend much less time prospecting.
    We are using a campaign and strategy that combines giveaways with viral sharing. We amplify the results by using multiple strategies, posts that get the user to take action, and leveraging existing marketing efforts (we tie it all together… for example, if you are email marketing, announce the contest in an email, not just on Instagram).
    Lead qualification

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